A Quick Checklist of Things to Include in a Home Inspection

Property inspections are essential. They give you, the potential buyer, the assurance that the home you wish to buy is in tiptop shape. Property inspectors are third parties who check the property for any issues that can harm or inconvenience the new homeowners and relay the information in unbiased reports.

What should you expect inspectors to examine in the house? Keep reading to find out.

Foundation and Basement

A house’s foundation is responsible for holding the home up. Some homes feature raised perimeter foundations, while others are built on flat slabs of concrete that serve as the basement floor. Inspectors will look for any significant cracks in the foundation walls and the basement when checking the foundation and basement.

Beams, Columns, and Pillars

While some beams, columns, and pillars in a property are there for aesthetic purposes, most carry the load of the upper floors and distribute it equally to prevent the home from caving. Real estate inspectors will take note of any altered or removed load-bearing components.

Plumbing System

Inspectors will make an effort to examine anywhere water runs throughout the house—from sinks to pipes. They will also perform mold inspections on areas that are typically exposed to moisture. 

Electrical System

They will inspect all electrical panels, connections, wiring, and outlets. Property inspectors will not make holes in the walls to check the wiring. Instead, they will use the thermography method to uncover potential issues.

HVAC Systems

Real estate inspectors will check if all the HVAC systems in the home are properly working. They may note any smells and poor air circulation, but they will not go in ducts to thoroughly inspect them. They may recommend an inspection from HVAC contractors, though.

Floors, Stairs, Walls, and Ceilings

Any significant damage to the floors, stairs, walls, and ceilings will be part of the inspection. However, any unflattering interior design choices, creaks, or unevenness that will not cause any harm to potential buyers will not be included.

Windows and Doors

They will check windows, window frames, doors, and door frames for latch issues, lock mechanism problems, cracks, warping, and defects that can compromise the integrity of the surrounding areas. Inspectors may have an opinion on the aesthetics and cleanliness of the windows and doors, but those will be irrelevant to the inspection.

Major Appliances

Any appliance that will be left will be examined as part of the house. Property inspectors will assess if the units are properly functioning, may need repairs, or are potentially hazardous.

Attic and Insulation

When assessing the attic, real estate inspectors will probe for pests, leaks, rot damage, and mold. They will also make sure that the ventilation and ducts are intact. Inspectors will not modify or cause damage to the house, so they will only include exposed insulation as part of the inspection.

Roofing System

The inspector will check for roof leaks in the attic and scout for potential damage in the roofing from outside the home. They will not climb the roof to assess it.

House Exterior and Perimeter

The exterior cladding, soffits, fascias, chimney, windows, doors, and exterior walls are all included in the inspection. Any vegetation that can cause damage to the home or impact the power and phone lines during a storm are also included.

Radon Testing

Testing for radon is essential for property inspections. Radon is a radioactive natural gas that can cause various health problems. Inspectors will conduct tests to ensure that your potential new home is radon-free.


Home inspectors are third parties who provide an impartial assessment of a property you wish to purchase.  With their help, you can confidently buy your new home or negotiate to get it at a more reasonable price.

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