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How to Find the Best Home Inspector for Your Property

Finding the house of your dreams doesn’t come easy. But if the time comes, performing a home inspection should be at the top of your list of things to do before purchasing a property. However, how do you find the perfect home inspector to do the job for you?

What is a Home Inspector?

A home inspector’s role is to inspect and resell houses on behalf of clients. Therefore, it’s only logical for homebuyers to find the best in the industry as they will entrust their household to people they will meet for official business.

You must be keen on who to trust, even if it means making the process of finding home inspectors a more tedious and meticulous process. However, scoring a deal with someone reputable and trustworthy may lead to good results. 

For buyers, calling professionals to perform a home inspection may reveal possible issues seen through a neutral third party’s eyes. In effect, people can save more money on repairs which they can refocus on other things for the house.

A typical home inspection only lasts for an average of two to four hours, covering all the major areas in a household. Since the inspection report involves many details of the house, having a professional home inspector explain everything to clients would always be helpful.

How to Discover a Reliable Home Inspector

1. Recommendations

Relying on recommendations is  usually the best way to find a home inspector. Not only because you’re meeting with inspectors suggested by people you know, but also because you’re connecting with inspectors offering trusted credibility and body of work by people around you.

Although recommendations are difficult to find as you might not have friends or family members who know a home inspector out of the blue, they are still a better option than other choices in this list.

2. Research

Researching can bring more options to the table. It is a choice for people with no leads on where to find a home inspector anywhere. However, its downside is the credibility of the home inspector.

Advertising for a service job online can be falsified. People without any professional experience may bump up their resumes to attract homebuyers to hire them for their service. But in the end, the clients will realize that it’s all an act and they’ve hired a fraud. If you’re using the internet to find home inspectors, make sure to visit websites with high credibility or at least read the reviews for every home inspector first.

3. State Agency

Lastly, referring to a state agency might be the best way to find a quality home inspector because it’s a fast and safe process to do. Most inspectors affiliated with state agencies have provided documentation that proves their skills in doing the job.

State agencies prioritize the people’s interests before anything else. Therefore, outsourcing a home inspector with their help will give you the security you need in hiring someone who can look at your house.

Bonus Tip

Choose a home inspector that recommends their clients to attend the home inspection process. It only means they value the client’s opinions as they make them understand what a home inspection does to find and explain the issues that may arise in a home. Inviting a client to witness a live inspection also shows the inspector’s commitment to being transparent, neutral, and proving that they were the selling advocate clients chose well.


Potential buyers may look for a trusted home inspector even before eyeing the house of their dreams. Since it’s difficult to find an inspector you can trust, it’s better to prepare yourself even before the time comes to buy a house. Through proper recommendations, research, and state agencies, you may have a better chance of finding the inspector aligned with your goals.

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