Your Home Inspection Warranty Guide

Free Warranties With Every Inspection


Each inspection performed comes with a 90-day structural and mechanical warranty that covers items that malfunction after the inspection and were confirmed to be in good working order by your inspector. It lasts for 90 Days or 22 Days after closing, whichever comes later, and carries a deductible of $0. Many items covered are the same items covered by your one year warranty from closing, effectively making your deductible $0 on most claims with your Inspection from us!


Underground sewer and water lines are covered for 90 days from inspection for issues like collapse and tree roots. Your inspector may recommend a sewer camera inspection for some properties. For others where no drain backups or known issues are present, this coverage will serve to protect against failures between your home and the municipal connection or well/septic system.  A sewer camera inspection with satisfactory results will automatically extend your coverage to 12 months.


If you spot visible mold within the home after inspection, MoldSafe will pay to remediate the issue! This coverage lasts for 90 days and comes with a total aggregate limit of $2000, which is automatically increased when you get a mold test with us. Make sure to address any known mold and moisture issues as noted in your inspection report as existing conditions. Those stemming from a known issue are not covered.

Platinum Roof Protection Plan

Every single inspection we perform comes with a 5 year roof leak protection plan that covers the necessary repair for any new leak in your home’s roof system.

Examples of Warranty Coverage

load bearing wall

Load-Bearing Wall

1” Deflection - Removal and reconstruction of wall members and support. Not Covered: Drywall and cosmetic/consequential issues



1” Crack in Wall - Epoxy injection into crack



Visible Mold - New visible mold in the home covered. Does not apply where components are modified/removed.



Failures - Systems 10 years old and newer are covered.

sewer line


Collapse - Underground sewer line between the home and the street, repaired where affected.



Roof Leaks - Repairs to flashing and around skylights where leaks are common.



Leaks - Material and labor to repair the lines.

How Do I Make A Claim? - Claims will be processed within 72 hours of all items being submitted. 

Summary Of Your Warranty Coverage

Claims must first be made on any one-year policy from closing. When items are covered by both policies, Ally will cover your deductible!
$0 DEDUCTIBLE For Claims Under our 90-Day Warranty

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