4 Problematic Parts of a House During Home Inspections

Whether you are selling or buying a property, you will need a home inspector service in the future. The home inspector can examine a house on the market to help the seller or buyer identify potential problems on the property. Through their help, the homeowner and buyer can decide their next steps. The homeowner can choose to address the issues and improve the house they are selling, and the home buyer can opt to push through with the purchase or not, depending on the inspection results they would get. 

The next step depends on the inspector’s report, making it is a crucial step in the homebuying process. If you plan to sell or buy a house soon, you might want to know the most common problems spotted in many homes. That could help you prepare your house to secure a high selling potential. 

Here are the most common problems that we have seen over the years of conducting home inspections:

Common Issue 1: Problematic Gutter

You might not believe it, but many houses do not have a gutter or have one in desperate need of repair. Gutters are essential for keeping the rainwater away from your foundation. If they do not function properly, it could lead to water leaks inside your home, damaging your ceiling and walls. 

If you want to ensure your gutter remains in excellent condition, consider doing the following:

  • Install splash blocks
  • Install a downspout extension
  • Create underground drainage components

These can help your gutter manage water flow better and are an indicator of well-maintained gutters.

Common Issue 2: Damaged Roof

The next part of the house revealed to have problems is the roof. The inspector will check if there are broken or missing shingles. They will also check if your chimney is in good condition or if the ventilation is working properly. 

Some of the most common problems found in the roof are leaks, poor installation, neglect, moss, punctures, and holes. Some would even walk around the roof just to make sure of its quality. Regular inspection and maintenance could prevent or mitigate these problems. 

Common Issue 3: The Wearing Out HVAC

The HVAC system is a vital part of a household, and it is also one of the fastest to get dirty. Ensuring that it has clean filters at all times, with sufficient insulation, complete parts, and no ductwork problems can prolong its lifetime. Conducting annual maintenance and tune-ups can also prevent issues from worsening. Otherwise, your HVAC system might experience mechanical wear and tear, produce unusual furnace noises, have a faulty thermostat, and ignition problems.

Common Issue 4: Plumbing Issues

Another common problem in every household is leaks in the pipes and faucets. It is due to faulty installation by inexperienced plumbing professionals. Fixing these problems can be costly if you own an old house. Only an expert plumber can fix the problems before becoming the cause of water damage at home.


Knowing about common house issues can help you prepare the house you are selling. Before booking a house inspection, consider addressing the problems in these areas immediately. Besides making your house look and feel more liveable, you also increase your chances of selling it at more desirable prices. For the homebuyers, knowing about these problematic areas can give you an idea of where to pay extra attention.

Should you need a home inspection in Atlanta, we are your ally! Ally Property Inspections specializes in reducing our clients’ anxiety by ensuring that the property is thoroughly inspected by a highly trained professional. Contact our Atlanta office at (470) 594-5624 to book a service. 

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