5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Home Inspector

For most of us, buying a home is the most important purchase we will ever make in our lives. The house is where you start to have a life with your partner and your whole family. In addition, owning a home can give you a special feeling of security. However, all these won’t happen if your home isn’t reliable and safe as you expected. 

When purchasing anything, you must always schedule an inspection because you want to ensure that the property is safe for you to move in. If you are buying a home and looking for a home inspection in Birmingham, we will provide you with the points you should consider when choosing a home inspector:

Check Their Home Inspection Referrals from Real Estate Agents

For sure, real estate agents have many connections to people in the industry, including a home inspector. This is why an agent can surely give you a long list of home inspectors that you may want to consider. However, you may think that getting everything you need in one place can be more convenient for you. As such, even if the agent genuinely means to help, getting their referral for your home inspection may pose a conflict. 


A home inspector’s negative report may be used to bargain for a lower price. A home inspector referred by the real estate company may also intentionally overlook minor problems just to close the home deal, so be mindful of this.

Look For Qualified House Inspectors

The easiest way to look for a home inspector is to hear it from those who already worked with one. Ask your relatives or friends about their experience with a home inspector and if they would recommend a certain expert. You may also look for forums online. When searching, use the keywords “complaints” or “reviews” after the name of a company or inspector you are checking. 

Keep in mind that home inspections must be done thoroughly because the extreme weather in the place can significantly affect the home quality in the long run.

Check Home Inspection Reports

House inspectors have unique eyes when looking at a home. You may choose to inspect the home yourself, but there are factors only home inspectors will never forget to consider. Once you have finalized your candidates, you should look at their website to see their sample inspection reports. By comparing the inspection reports of each candidate, you will see which of them conducts a more thorough inspection. 

Hire Trained and Experienced Home Inspectors

A professionally certified inspector is a good pick, but you may also want to consider their experience. For this reason, be sure to look for companies that carefully screens and trains their house inspectors. An inspector who has been on the job for several years may have already seen various types of homes and different kinds of home issues. If you are looking at an older house, a home inspector with a background in architecture or engineering is a good candidate to help you make informed decisions. 

Ask What the Package Includes

When you pay for a home inspection, you expect everything to be done, but that you should always confirm this with the inspector. Some companies only offer basic checks, and this may apply to newer homes. Some inspectors will even fly a drone to inspect the roof for any unseen damage or use infrared cameras to predict home parts where molds would most likely appear. 


You are likely buying a home hoping to live in a better one, and when we say better, it can mean more spacious or less problematic. You can now reduce your anxiety in buying a new home by knowing what to consider when looking for a home inspector. Be sure to consider the tips we’ve shared above so that you can move into a home that is best for you and your family!

Ally Property Inspections offers a thorough house inspection in Birmingham and Atlanta in Georgia. Our home inspectors are competent and customer-oriented, so you can be confident that you are serviced and informed well. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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