Ally at Home

A basic home inspection can tell you a lot about a house, but there is a lot more you can learn. Since this is likely the largest expenditure that you will ever undertake, it makes sense to take your time to be sure you aren’t buying problems. That’s why Ally has created a five-part course to walk you through the inspection process and additional steps you can take—armed with knowledge, you will be better prepared when it comes time to purchase that house.

Hosted by company owner Meredith Jones, “Ally at Home” is a series of short videos that walk you through the entire process. From the basics about what a home inspection is or isn’t, to how much a home inspection should cost, the Home Inspections 101 course provides all the information you will need. And if you think you don’t need an inspection for brand new construction, consider again. There are often issues that can show up even on a new house and it’s often past the one or two-year warranty period. “It’s worth the money and the peace of mind to know that down the road you won’t have these major repairs,” Meredith says. “We also offer phase inspections so you can be sure that the building process is secure and that no problems are hidden between the walls.”

The company also offers extra due diligence that can give you security that your purchase is a sound one. From thermography to mold and radon testing, these services can give you further information about the property you are buying. From these reports, our inspectors can tell you if there is water intrusion, mold issues or other problems beyond what a basic inspection would tell you. “It’s worth the small investment to make sure things aren’t lurking behind the drywall,” Meredith says. “We’ve seen it time and again where the damage wasn’t visible but was definitely there.”

For most homeowners, their main concern is the health and safety of their family. The additional services available from Ally can address any structural concerns that could pose future issues for your family. Sign up today for “Ally at Home” and learn everything you need to know before signing on the dotted line. It will be time well spent. To sign up for the class, go to As an added bonus, all customers who complete the course will receive $35 off their home inspection; $75 off if they add two optional services to the basic home inspection. 

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