Buying a newly constructed home might make you think you no longer require a home inspection in Birmingham AL. But this is not the case. Whether you are buying a new construction home or an older one, you need a home inspection in Birmingham.

Home inspections for new constructions can help you understand the home’s overall condition. You might conclude that new construction won’t have any issues. After home inspection, you will know how many red flags were hiding behind those newly painted walls and new ceilings.

Below, we will highlight major red flags for which you, as a homebuyer, should look out. If you find such issues, then it is time for you to rethink your decision.


Sewer issues can be present in your newly constructed home, too. This can be because of various reasons. Two such reasons are:

  •         Overgrown roots that have grown into the line
  •         An obstruction somewhere in the line

There can be several indications of sewer issues, such as:

  •         Signs of flooding in the basement
  •         Standing water in the yard
  •         Heaved walkways

These are the major indicators of a problem with your main drain. If you identify such indicators, scheduling a sewer line scan following a home inspection in Birmingham AL is best.

It is best to schedule a sewer scan, as a delay in addressing this issue can cost as much as $10,000. And you surely don’t want to afford this expense after making a big investment.


Poorly fitted doors and windows are a major concern in newly constructed homes. Hence, it is better to get a home inspection.

These not only cause safety issues but a lot more, such as:

  •         Energy loss
  •         Drafts
  •         Aesthetic issues
  •         Operational problems

While the annoyance of a door or window that doesn’t work as it should can never go unnoticed.

Furthermore, draughts, especially in winter, can lead to a lot of heat loss. This results in a lot of moisture inside the home. At the same time, faulty doors and windows can also breach your security and lead to vulnerable break-ins.


A home inspection in Birmingham can identify small cracks in a newly built property. Small cracks can appear in the walls once the new construction settles into its foundation.

This settlement can last years, but homeowners or homebuyers can only notice these cracks in the first year.

You don’t need to worry if:

  •         They are fine lines
  •         They are small cracks
  •         They are caused by shrinkage

Cracks larger than 2mm are often a homeowner’s or homebuyer’s primary concern. The ones less than or equal to 2mm are considered as cosmetic.

Cosmetic issues are unlikely to impact a property’s safety or structural stability. They can also be repaired with a sealant or filler.

Home inspectors often recommend that you should contact your claims department if:

  •         It is more than 5mm wide
  •         It is narrow at one end and wide at the other
  •         It is visible inside and outside the property
  •         It has significantly widened since you or your inspector first noticed it


This is another common issue a home inspector finds within a newly built home during home inspections. This is where the mortar between the bricks may have cracks, gaps, or other issues.

Brickwork pointing can impact a property in different ways. These impacts are not just related to the external appeal of the house but significant defects within the home, such as:

  •         Structural issues
  •         Heat loss
  •         Pest infestations
  •         Interior wall damage

With time, this can result in water ingress, which causes damp-related issues in the house. Water ingression can be a significant problem as this can later damage interior walls and items in the home. If you leave it untreated, then it can also lead to a health hazard.


Separating wood flooring can appear to be a red flag during home inspections. The gaps in flooring material can be because of improper installation, but they can also be because of moisture fluctuations within the home. 

It is better to address this issue promptly because it can be difficult to fix later. You might also need to reinstall the entire flooring.

Separating wood flooring is common in dry climates. This is because they have a high fluctuating humidity level. With the expansion and contraction of the wood, movement occurs.

There can be various reasons for separating wood flooring besides poor installation, such as:

  •         Moisture imbalance
  •         Subfloor issues
  •         Poor quality materials
  •         Environmental gaps
  •         Lack of expansion gaps

Sometimes, builders do things quickly to keep up with their schedule, resulting in such red flags. It is better to get a home inspection in Birmingham AL for your newly built home to find such issues.

It might seem just a small issue before, but later, it can cause problems. Many issues can be followed by separating wood flooring, such as:

  •         Further damage
  •         Pest entry
  •         Decreased property value
  •         Reduced insulation
  •         Moisture infiltration


Overlooked paint is one of the most common red flags that you can find in a newly built home. You might find that some of the newly constructed home areas are not properly painted. Areas like:

  •         Closets
  •         Garage interiors
  •         Utility rooms
  •         Behind appliances and fixtures
  •         Vaulted or high ceilings
  •         Accessible attic spaces

Whereas painters also do touch-ups at the very end of the construction. Hence, so many such issues can be addressed after inspecting the property.


There is a high possibility of improper plumbing hookups if the builder doesn’t hire an experienced plumber. This not only has an effect on the plumbing system of the house but a lot more, such as:

  •         Violation of local building codes
  •         Structural damage
  •         Mold and mildew growth
  •         Electrical hazards
  •         Damage to flooring

The reversed hot and cold sides are among the most common issues found because of improper plumbing hookups.

Hence, you must schedule an inspection while buying a newly built home. This way, you can know what’s waiting for you.


Appliance installation is one of the last things to do after construction. It might also come as an afterthought after building a new home.

This is why it is important to schedule a home inspection in Birmingham to check whether different appliances are installed correctly. Some of the appliances that are installed after construction are:

  •         Dishwashers
  •         Washers
  •         Dryers
  •         Garbage disposals
  •         Refrigerators
  •         Washing machines

It is very important to ensure each appliance is installed correctly. Improper installation of the appliances can lead to:

  •         Appliance damage
  •         Energy inefficiencies
  •         Voided warranties
  •         Water damage (in the case of dishwashers or washing machines)
  •         Improper ventilation

Don’t let hidden hazards ruin your dream home. Schedule a professional property inspection today and get peace of mind. Contact us now and get a free quote.

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