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Pulling Back the Curtain

Matt Fowler Combines Home Inspection with Love of Acting

Matt Fowler may not have had acting on his mind while growing up, but what he did have was imagination in spades. A native of Vermont, Matt was surrounded by children who attended his mom’s daycare and home preschool. “We were constantly in the woods and playing pretend,” he recalls of his childhood. “But I never gave a thought to playing pretend for a career.”

While in nursing school, one of Matt’s buddies dragged him to an audition for a musical on campus. Not only did he land the lead, Matt also discovered he loved the stage, changing his career trajectory immediately. “For the first time I realized that acting was my calling, so I left the nursing program and attended KD Studio, a conservatory in Dallas,” he says. “During the 18-month program, not only did we learn the nuts and bolts about acting, but we also learned how to land a job and progress in the business.”

Although he has been a working actor since 2009, Matt has also been pragmatic about his employment choices. “Most actors need a day job to pay the bills and I wanted something I would enjoy,” he explains. “While I was in Texas I befriended another actor who was also a home inspector. I apprenticed with him and that’s how my second career began.”

After a decade-long stint in Los Angeles, Matt and his wife, Kelsey Boutte, a special effects makeup artist who specializes in monsters, relocated to the greater Atlanta area two years ago. “The movie industry in Georgia has surpassed anywhere else in the country,” he says. “It was a great time to move here—I’ve had fun doing commercials for the Georgia Lottery, voiceover work and several movies.”

After interning with a Georgie home inspector, Matt joined Ally’s team of inspectors a year ago. “What I appreciate about Ally is the company stresses accuracy and honest information, even when that means telling your client that there is a significant issue with the property,” he says. “Some inspectors have the tendency to sugarcoat a few things, so telling the truth helps people make these major life decisions armed with the best knowledge available.” 

Since he is able to make his own schedule, Matt is able to balance his two worlds easily. “We use a wonderful app that is extremely efficient, allowing us to do a lot of our report on-site,” he explains. “I am very detail-oriented and like getting those reports done in a timely manner.”

If you’re looking for a new movie to watch, then be sure to catch Matt in one of his most recent works, One Night in Miami, streaming now on Prime Video. The film, an adaptation of the play by the same name, profiles a pivotal moment in 1964 in the lives of four black American icons—Cassius Clay, soon to become Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown. “I play the announcer in the Copacabana, so I was able to watch Leslie Odom, Jr., (Sam Cooke) work for the whole day,” Matt says. “We had an amazing conversation about what it’s like to be a leading man and what a leader should be on set.”

Whether he’s crawling under a foundation, checking a roof or auditioning for his next role, Matt always has one thing in mind—doing his best for those who depend on him. “I am so fortunate to have found home inspecting,” he says. “We find the problems, tell the truth and help people.”

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