from the FIELD

From the Field

Sometimes a clerical mistake can save your clients thousands of dollars.

At ALLY Property Inspections, we recently had a client who was purchasing a house priced at $469,000 with the base inspection price of $485. The morning of his inspection, the client called the office to inquire about air quality testing for mold and the pricing. He was interested in the base level testing (one test sample and one control sample) plus two additional test samples. The total for the tests was $400, but in the end he decided against having the service done. 

The office forgot to remove the service selection from his appointment, so the inspector went ahead with the services and did the mold testing. The next day when we received the results, we realized the mistake. 

Here’s where the mistake was a good one. Even though the client didn’t pay for the services, we felt it was only right to send the results to him. The testing revealed there was a very big issue with mold in the basement due to a water issue—something that would have cost him tens of thousands of dollars later to clean up and remediate. 

The point of this story is that although it seems like more money on the front end to add additional services to your base inspection, the expense is actually a small one. Hidden problems can hit your wallet with a wallop later. Having an inspection company that takes the time and thoroughly reviews everything on your property will give you peace of mind down the road—and may even save you money.

Remember, when you choose ALLY Property Inspections as your home-buying partner, you receive a FREE re-inspection after you negotiate with the seller to have repairs made. Take advantage of this service to make sure all problems found during the inspection process have been resolved. 

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