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Look Out for These Factors That Compromise Your Home Sale

It is almost impossible to get a perfect home inspection in selling your residential property. There is no such thing as a flawless home, and the home inspection report will include a list of flaws.

Most home inspectors look at specific factors and elements during their inspections that can delay your closing date. It is vital that you know what these are and what you can do to prepare for the worst. Address these issues if there are any so that you ensure your property gets sold on schedule no matter what happens.

Read on and find out which things you should look out for and promptly fix for your home sale to be a success. 

The Basics of Home Inspection

Generally, home inspectors look for defective and hazardous features and structures within your property. Keep in mind that more than the aesthetics of your home, they observe the condition and performance of your huge, prominent items. 


A damaged roof is something you must immediately fix if you want to sell your home right away. Of course, your potential buyers want a home with great roofing to adequately protect them from elements.

Poor roofing significantly degrades your property’s value and will most likely jeopardize its timely sale. We recommend investing in top-notch roofing materials that have a lifespan of up to 25 years and having your roof checked at least once a year.

Take note that home buyers take this factor into account when negotiating the price of a home because naturally, a decaying roof can lead to more severe issues such as insect infestations and water leaks.

Structural Integrity

Water can cause the soil surrounding your home’s foundation walls to expand with time. When this happens, the ground shrinks and allows water to enter the structure through cracks.

Look for the following signs that your property has shifted or the structure has been compromised:

  • Bumpy or uneven floors 
  • Cracked or leaning chimney
  • Cracks in door frames or walls 
  • Door or window gaps 
  • Flooring and wall gaps
  • Nails protruding from walls

Water Leaks and Systems

Water is considered one of the most harmful elements to a home. It leads to a number of serious consequences and indicates poor maintenance to potential buyers. 

Water stains on ceilings and walls can be a symptom of structural damage, as well as roof leaks and plumbing concerns. Mold can grow and even affect the health of the occupants if water damage is disregarded. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has often been linked to upper respiratory tract symptoms in otherwise healthy adults.

Working with Capable Professionals

It is crucial that you pick the most appropriate experts to help you ensure your home’s excellent condition and appearance. This enables you to increase the value of your property and ensure its quick sale. 

Reliable professionals are experienced in addressing any issues you may encounter that will compromise your home’s sale. They must be able to pinpoint any problem areas in your home and help you address them adequately.


With our simple guide above, you can now identify any factor in your home that needs a proper fix. By investing in roof maintenance, assessing structural integrity, and inspecting water leaks and systems in your home, you will surely find a suitable buyer for it. 

If you need a home inspector in Birmingham, AL, turn to Ally Property Inspections. We are professional residential inspectors committed to helping you move with confidence. Schedule an appointment today!

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