Why It’s Important to Get an 11th Month Warranty Inspection

It’s exciting to settle down in your new home and enjoy the next chapter of your life in a space that finally meets your current needs, but even the best houses in the market may have hidden flaws that can pop up down the line. 

Some of these malfunctions may not be noticeable upon your initial home inspection; that’s why it’s important to get a warranty inspection after living in your abode for 11 months, which is the ideal time to do so before your warranty expires.

What is the 11th Month Warranty Inspection?

The 11th-month warranty inspection is a comprehensive review of your home covering all aspects of an existing home – from the roof to the floors, from the plumbing to the foundations—to check if anything is out of place, broken, or operated improperly.

The inspection will involve physical observations of your house’s exterior and interior, as well as a complete review of every system and appliance in your house. Some examples of the things that will undergo the 11th-month warranty inspection include the following: 

  • HVAC issues;
  • Nails loosening;
  • Condensation problems; 
  • Water leaks;
  • Ventilation issues;
  • Roof damage;
  • Plumbing issues;
  • High energy bills; and
  • Foundation issues.

After observing and noting down the flaws, your professional home inspector will help you prepare a report, which you can use to present to your home insurance company for coverage. 

Why It’s Important to Get an 11th Month Warranty Inspection 

The 11th-month warranty inspection is recommended for most new homeowners because it’s a great chance for you to find out about the imperfections and malfunctions that could end up affecting your home insurance coverage. Not to mention, you can reap the following benefits:

Benefit #1: Save Money in the Long Run

Warranty inspections are a great investment, as they help you get a rough idea of your home’s needs and point out flaws that could potentially affect your home insurance.

If you can find out about the home’s problems in the 11th month of your year-long home warranty, you may have enough time to get repairs done before your home warranty expires. This can help you save money for the future, as you won’t have to pay for costly home repairs.

Benefit #2: Take the Next Step in Your Homeownership Journey

After living in your home for almost a year, you will already have a better understanding of the ins and outs of your abode. You will have more confidence in taking care of the different systems and maintaining them on your own.

Benefit #3: Protect Your Home from the Impact of Different Seasons

The 11th-month warranty inspection is an excellent way to check and make sure that your house is ready to face the challenges of each season. Whether it’s the summer and you need to check if your HVAC system is effective and your insulation is sufficient, or it’s winter and you need to check if your foundation is properly insulated, the 11th-month warranty inspection can help you prepare for the change of seasons and protect your home from getting damaged.

The Bottom Line: 11th Month Warranty Inspections Provide Peace of Mind

Finally, when you can see your abode’s flaws with your own eyes, you can rest assured that you are not facing any issues. You can see the progress you’ve made, and you can feel more confident that your home is ready for your family’s long-term livelihood.

How Can We Help You?

It’s important to conduct property inspections from licensed professionals you can trust! Ally Property Inspections have years of experience and extensive training in inspection services, so get in touch with us to see how our excellent property inspectors can provide high-quality house inspections in Birmingham, AL. Schedule an appointment with us today at (205) 607-0031, and let us help you move forward in your home buying journey with greater peace of mind.         

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