Is Termite Inspection Required in Atlanta?

Are you looking for a home in Atlanta whose safety and structural integrity are not compromised? One of the things you must ensure is that the house is safe from termites. These intruders might be living in your potential home and that too without rent. (I wouldn’t want these in my house even with rent, though). Plus, if you’re a homebuyer in Atlanta, then we have bad news for you. Atlanta homes are more susceptible to termite damage. Several factors contribute to this increased susceptibility, such as climate, geographic location, and type of construction. But, you don’t have to worry just yet. If you get the termite inspections before buying your house, then you can save yourself from the fear of investing in a termite-damaged property.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of termite inspections, highlighting their importance and other details.

The Importance of Termite Inspection in Atlanta

High Risk of Infestations

Atlanta offers a warm and humid climate, which is perfect for termites to thrive in, particularly subterranean termites. Atlanta’s climate, which usually has hot summers and relatively mild winters, ensures that termites remain active. This means there is a higher chance of infestation growing every year.

Preventing Structural Damage

Most of the houses in Atlanta are constructed of wood, and termites love feeding on wood. It is their primary food source. With a termite inspection in place, you can identify and mitigate termite activity before it leads to significant structural damage. Remember, if you miss the termite inspections, I might, in the long run, compromise your home’s safety and integrity.

Cost Savings

Identifying termite infestations early can save homeowners substantial amounts of money in repair costs. Treating a minor infestation is generally much less expensive than addressing severe damage that has been allowed to progress over time.

Protecting Property Value

When investing in a property, you don’t want to face loss; after all, a house in Atlanta can cost around $400,000. In fact, you might want to sell your property in the future, and even if not, you definitely don’t want to compromise its value. With regular termite inspections and maintenance, you can ensure that you preserve your property’s value. So when, in the long run, you’re putting it up on the market, you get the return on your investment.

Preventative Measures

Termite inspections are important for detecting existing infestations and identifying areas that might be at risk for future infestations. Termite inspectors can also recommend preventive measures. Some of these measures could be:

  • Reducing moisture levels
  • Eliminating wood-to-soil contact
  • Applying treatments to vulnerable areas

Following these, you can get a head start in maintaining your property and saving yourself from financial pitfalls.

How Does A Termite Inspection Work?

Termite inspections start with the inspectors focusing on common termite entry points. They also look for hotspots for activity. This differs from one termite species to another. For instance, when the inspector is looking for Formosan or subterranean termite activity, they will target the home’s inside and outside perimeter. They will also inspect the home’s lowest levels, like the foundation, basement, crawlspaces, accessible attics, etc.

Whereas, if the inspector is looking for drywood termites, then the inspector will assess exposed wood, attics, hardwood floors, eaves, and crawlspaces. Besides this, the inspector will also check wooden furniture for signs of drywood termites.

In Atlanta, the most common termite is the subterranean termite. These termites live in colonies underground, and even though they’re invisible, the damage they can cause can leave your eyes wide open. These types of termites feed on wooden structures and live in moist environments. Both of these could be easily found in Atlanta.

When inspecting for termites in Atlanta, the inspector carefully examines every area that comes in contact with the soil. They look for the signs of termites, such as:

  • Mud tubes
  • Discarded wings
  • Damaged wood

Once the inspector has completed the visual inspection, they will use tools like infrared cameras and moisture meters to identify hidden infestations within walls and other concealed areas. When the inspection is done and dusted, the inspector will give a detailed inspection report. The report will outline any findings, including evidence of termite activity or conditions that might lead to infestations. If the inspector has detected termites, the report will also include treatment and preventative measures recommendations.

Who Pays for Termite Inspections in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, there’s no definite answer for this question as who pays for the termite inspection can vary. The varying factors could be negotiated terms between both the parties, who ordered an inspection, etc. However, the buyer is usually expected to pay for the inspection as it is part of their due diligence process before the home purchase. With these inspections, buyers can ensure that the property is free from termite infestations, letting them avoid unexpected repair costs after purchase.

Moreover, sometimes the sellers also pay for the inspection but that happens when they haven’t already listed their property on the market. This could be a great plus for the sellers, making their home appear more attractive to potential buyers. A termite inspection report can, in fact, act as evidence that the property is free from termites. If the report highlights the issues, they can fix them beforehand to avoid turning off the potential buyers.

In some cases, who will pay for the inspection becomes a matter of negotiation between buyers and sellers. They might decide to share the cost, or one party may agree to cover it as part of the overall sales agreement. So, it depends.


Considering Atlanta’s humid and warm climate and its great environment for subterranean termites, getting a termite inspection is highly advisable. Even though termite inspections are not legally required in Atlanta. But regular termite inspections play an important role in protecting your home’s structural integrity, topped up with your peace of mind. Investing in routine termite inspections ensures that your home remains secure and its value is preserved, making it a wise decision for any homeowner in Atlanta.

Protect your investment with Ally Property Inspections. Schedule a termite inspection today for peace of mind and a termite-free home. Contact us now to book your appointment!

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