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4 Types of Rental Property Inspections You Should Know About

Regular inspections are crucial when you invest in rental property to safeguard your investment from costly damage and boost its value and revenue flow.

During a rental property inspection, the landlord or property manager checks the current state of the home inside and out in the presence of the new or the existing tenant. 

Though it may seem like an extra expense, rental property inspections actually pave the way to building a professional relationship that works for both parties. Additionally, different rental inspections serve various purposes.

Here are four types of inspection that rental properties go through for your guidance:

1. Pre-move-in Inspection

This inspection allows the landlord to check the property’s condition and ensure it meets its standards before a new tenant moves in.

This must be done in person after the renter has signed the lease before moving their things in. A move-in inspection checklist with ample documentation also helps tell the difference between normal wear and tear and unusual damage that you might be able to take out of the security deposit when the tenant moves out.

Once you’ve completed your inspection, provide the tenant with a written report and documentation (photos and even video if necessary) of any problems you’ve found. 

2. Post-move-in Inspection

After a tenant moves into the property, they must also be given a chance to inspect it closely to confirm that everything is in good condition. This is especially important for the tenant to ensure they get their deposit back. 

If they find any problems, they must have them documented and contact you or your property manager immediately.

3. Quarterly Maintenance Inspections of Your Rental Property

Quarterly maintenance inspections are so necessary because they allow you to catch minor problems beforehand. Plus, it shows your tenants that you’re committed to keeping the property in good condition.

To conduct a quality maintenance inspection, you must list all areas for checking and then pre-book your inspections. Always respect your tenants’ privacy and answer queries, and document everything to track repairs.

However, remember to follow the rules for landlords and tenants in your area and give the tenant enough notice before entering for a routine inspection.

You can also conduct drive-by inspections once in a while, so you won’t have to enter the home or give notice to the tenant. This allows you to spot unusual details you’ll only see when you drive by, meet neighbors and ask about your tenant’s behavior or any unusual activity on the property.

However, mind your tenant’s privacy as well. Don’t just believe everything the neighbors say. Always conduct a proper investigation and talk with your tenant before jumping to conclusions. 

4. Exit Inspection

If the renter has decided to move, plan a move-out inspection on the day they leave. When you wait too long after the renter has moved out, they may say that any damage wasn’t there when they left.

During the inspection, all utilities are on until the check is over. The tenant’s security deposit will only be reimbursed if the property is in the same condition as when they moved in.

Bring a copy of the move-in checklist with you so you can compare the condition of the property now to how it was when the tenant moved in. Take pictures and videos of any damage that isn’t just normal wear and tear.

It’s also good to check the appliances’ brand, model, and serial numbers. Even though it doesn’t happen very often, some renters have been known to replace expensive appliances in an apartment with cheaper ones that look the same.


Protecting your rental property is paramount because it can deliver good revenue when maintained well. You also attract the right tenants when you keep your property in check. This is why getting the approval of a property inspector can put your future tenants at ease with their potential purchase.

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