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Planning Renovations: Get a Building Inspection First!

Home renovations are popular among homeowners. You’re probably wondering if new painting jobs are in order. A new, fresh coat of paint could do wonders for your living room, after all. On the other hand, you could also be looking at the countertops in your kitchen and thinking that a replacement or upgrade is in order. Whatever the case may be, renovations often bring a sense of the home being renewed. Despite taking quite a bit of work, it generally pays off in the end!

Before any renovations can actually get started, however, a lot of prep work has to be accomplished. It’s one thing to have a vision or at least a general idea of desired renovations. An important step that shouldn’t be overlooked is getting a building inspection done by professionals.

Read on to learn why it’s important to get a building inspection before any renovation work is done in your home:

A Building Inspection Will Guarantee That the Renovation Is Legal

Legal approval is generally necessary for home renovation. Some people carry out DIY (do-it-yourself) projects covertly, but those can cause problems down the line. If the house ends up getting put on the market for sale, there has to be documentation for the likes of a home extension. Otherwise, you will end up spending for it to get removed or redone according to code.

Skilled engineers or architects will often come about as a result of taking on a building inspection. Take advantage of this because they are well-versed in the latest in building colds and legal processes in terms of renovation projects.

A Building Inspection Will Help Your Home’s Value Increase

When a renovation project is carried out strategically, it will help increase the value of your home. Should you put your house on the market, this will come in particularly handy. Gorgeous landscaping or a remodeled kitchen that’s state-of-the-art 

A Building Inspection Will Uncover Issues That Will Need Attention

No matter what room or area you aim to have renovated, you’ll likely have to get other areas of your home ready for the project. Maybe you’re thinking about overhauling both your kitchen and bathroom or maybe you want to turn your bedroom into a space for your in-laws. No matter what the scope of your plans, other rooms will be affected, too. If you’re looking to break down a wall, you might encounter an electrical issue, such as a short circuit or an electrical surge. A leak could occur if you rework a basement or other dark space.

Getting an inspection can help figure out any issues that can come up given certain changes. The possible outcomes will be laid out, alongside possible ways around it, given your desired renovation projects. Foresight is valuable especially since one wrong move can be rather costly.


Before any renovations can be carried out in a home, preparation needs to be done. The first step is to have a building inspection carried out. Benefits include uncovering issues that need attention, guaranteeing that the renovation is legal and increasing the value of the home.

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