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Closing a Deal: 3 Problematic Areas During Home Inspections

The home buying process involves plenty of experts, from realtors to mortgage lenders. Even before purchasing a home, a homebuyer has to work with lawyers and local authorities to clear up paperwork for a sale.

Home inspectors provide an objective analysis of a home’s condition, offering a third-party perspective on the property’s safety and condition. Since homes are shelters first and foremost, it’s necessary to pass this screening to earn a homebuyer’s trust. For this reason, home sellers need to be extra cautious about preparing their homes for potential buyers and home inspectors.

Making Your Property Home Inspection-Ready

Property owners shouldn’t be afraid of home inspections, especially since it’s a necessary part of easing a buyer’s mind about a property. A home inspector’s job is mainly to objectively point out potential structural risks in your home, whether it involves the home’s foundations or utilities. It’s beneficial for you to hear what a home inspector has to say. However, It’s better to attend to some common problem areas to minimize the negative comments on your property.

Before a home inspector arrives, here are three problematic areas you should prepare for:

1. Plumbing Systems

Having clean, running water is a privilege that should not be taken for granted, which is why home buyers are very particular about a home’s plumbing systems. The risk of compromised pipes, sinks, showers, or even drainages can be a dealbreaker for many homebuyers. This is why kitchen and bathroom areas are primary concerns during the homebuying process.

Before a home inspection, it’s best to work with your building contractors to confirm your plumbing systems’ condition. Test all plumbing fixtures for ample water output and inspect visible pipes for any potential risk of leaks. You can get a plumber’s second opinion if you want to be confident about the condition of your home’s pipelines.

2. Roofing Systems

Roofing systems comprise various aspects besides your home’s set of protective roofing shingles; it also includes the gutters that play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. While it’s more common to inspect a roof from the chimney and skylights, the gutters’ condition can be a dealbreaker if not attended to immediately.

The risk of standing water or misaligned gutters can lead to significant gutter damage to a home, leading to immediate repairs or renovations. A vigilant home inspector will know if your gutters and connected drain pipes are functioning well. This is an even greater factor for consideration around states experiencing frequent storms and hurricanes.

3. HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems don’t just regulate the heating and cooling inside a home; they also create a safe environment during harsh weather conditions. Besides the air condition unit and built-in thermostat, insulation and access for ventilation are vital factors that home inspectors consider. This is why buying the latest AC system isn’t enough to impress your home inspector. You must also have natural, structural designs in place to reinforce proper heat management and airflow.


Although it’s more common for homebuyers to request home inspections, you shouldn’t undermine your need to have one done for yourself. Doing so will give you a professional advantage on the potential areas you’ll need to treat or repair for your home. Besides making your home appear flawless, you’ll also get to address potential issues beforehand when negotiating with your potential buyers. Thankfully, you can word with dedicated property inspectors to notify you of these structural complications before welcoming buyers for an open house.

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