Atlanta, GA

Sewer Line Inspections Atlanta, Ga

Many homeowners don’t realize that the line connecting the home to the main sewer is their responsibility. Sewer line problems can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair. They can also cause sewage to back up in your home, resulting in an unpleasant mess no one wishes to deal with.

A professional sewer line inspection, called a sewer scope, uses a camera system to view the interior of the home’s sewer line, traveling out to the city connection. This inspection can uncover such issues as broken or collapsed pipes, offset or sagging sections and blocking from tree roots. Inspectors can also provide information for plumbing and sewer providers to give you an accurate estimate of the repair costs.

Our specialized assessments are typically half the cost of what a plumber would charge, giving you extra savings, as well as detailed knowledge of the state of your home’s sewer system. Whether you are buying an older home or purchasing a new home, either may have undiscovered sewer issues. Enjoy peace of mind by scheduling a sewer line inspection before purchasing a home today.

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