Annual Home Maintenance Inspections Birmingham, Al

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

When's the last time that you took a really close look at the condition of your entire home? If you're like most people, it was when you purchased it.

All building materials age and deteriorate over time, especially on the exterior of a home, and it's easy to miss the early signs of problems. If you get an annual health checkup to catch illness early and keep yourself in the best health possible why wouldn't you give your home one too?

Taking care of problems as they come up will protect your investment, cost you less money and will prevent you from wasting THOUSANDS of dollars on repairs later on.

For only $224* per year, these are the critical items we will check for you:

  • Roof shingles, flashing, pipe boots, chimney
  • Siding, brick, caulking, paint
  • Fascia, soffit and gutters
  • Deck, porch
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Visual window inspection
  • Garage and exterior doors
  • Foundation
  • GFCI & Electrical panel
  • and more...

*$224 for homes up to 2500 sq ft of heated and cooled space. 

Ally Property Inspections means Moving with Confidence!

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